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Great Podcast with Dave Tenney

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I listen to every StrengthCoach Podcast and enjoy them all but, if you are not a listener or are an occasional listener make sure to download Episode 132. The Dave Tenney interview might be the best of the year ( close second was a two parter with Al Vermeil in Episode 126 and 127).


StrengthCoach Podcasts with Al Vermeil

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I would put these two episodes into the “must listen” category. I actually listened to both of Al’s episodes twice.

StrengthCoach Podcast Episodes 126-127

Interval Training and a New StrengthCoach Podcast

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Just FYI, this was last Fridays workout

7x.5 Big Fan Airdyne

1:25×1 ( warm-up)

1:20 x6

Rest :40 sec- 1:40sec

Highest HR 168

Looking for some great info on interval training? Check out Joel Jamieson on the Strength Coach Podcast.

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Hope all is well.

Anthony Renna posted a new episode of The Strength Coach Podcast, a new episode of Strength Coach TV and some news about CEUs
Episode 90 of the Strength Coach Podcast is Up
New Episode of Strength Coach TV
New Webinars & CEUs at
Episode 90 Highlights
Click here to listen

  • Hit The Gym With a Strength Coach- Sam Leahey (Springfield) is on to talk about Coaching the Joint by Joint, Periodization, Springfield Men’s Lax and His Path to Springfield
  • Coaches Corner- I talk about In-Season Lifts, Strength as a Skill and Do We Really Need a Niche?
  • Results Fitness Business of Fitness- Rachel Cosgrove  on”Embracing Change”
  • Ask Functional Movement Systems- Mike Strock, talks about using using the FMS with the US Navy
  • The Art of Coaching with Athletes’ Performance- John Stemmerman talks about  “Coaching When There is a Language Barrier”
  • Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better-  Chris Poirertalks about the New Sale and The Meeting of the Minds.

Click here to listen

Strength Coach TV- Episode 13- Gabriele Fitness & Performance
In Episode 13 of Strength Coach TV, Anthony visits Vince Gabriele in Berkley Heights, NJ for a tour of Gabriele Fitness & Performance.  Vince created an incredible culture for his members and staff in his 6,000 sq. ft.   Check out Strength Coach TV
New Webinars and 6 More CEUs coming at
At, Anthony just posted some great webinars from me Alwyn Cosgrove,  and Art Horne.Also, he just got approval from the NSCA for CEUs for 6 more webinars, making it a total of 9 webinars with CEUs.  

There are over 100 webinars in the archives for you to watch at any time.


Thanks again for listening and watching.  If you have any questions, let me know.


Are You A Member Yet?

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Below is a blog post from Ben Bruno, an MBSC employee. I don’t think I can do a better job of plugging my own site than Ben does:

Learning on a Budget

Every week when I put together my compilation of Good Reads for the Week, I have a section at the bottom of the list entitled “Membership Sites.” Thinking about it more, I realize that title may put some people off because a membership implies spending money, and why spend money when you can get loads of other free information, right? Trust me, I completely understand this sentiment. As a new strength coach right out of school, to say I am not rolling in the dough would be an understatement. Still though, I want to learn as much as I can in order to become the best coach I can be and turn my hard work into a viable career down the road. Here’s the problem though; learning ain’t cheap. As much as I would love to attend all the various seminars and buy all the awesome DVDs and books, it’s just not in the cards right now. I’m sure a lot of you newer coaches and trainers can relate.

Before I ramble too far off topic, the purpose of this post is to tell you a little bit more about, which is the website where I get the vast majority of those “Membership” articles. Basically, it’s a forum run my Mike Boyle himself, along with an extensive article database and video library. I don’t want to spend too much time describing it because the site speaks for itself; check it out HERE.

The articles and videos are cool, but for me, the forum is what really makes the site worthwhile and differentiates it from all the other stuff out there. While Mike runs the site, it’s by no means a one-man show. In fact, the membership list reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” of strength and conditioning, personal training, and physical therapy: Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, Bill Hartman, Gray Cook, Charlie Weingroff, Bret Contreras, Nick Tumminello, Dan John, Brett Jones…the list goes on and on. And these guys are not only members to put on the list to make it look better; they are also frequent contributors. This means that on a daily basis, you can read their knowledge bombs on all sorts of different topics. Moreover, if you are so inclined, you can ask them direct questions, to which you will get personalized and direct answers in a timely manner (usually a few hours, literally). If these guys don’t have your answer, they will find someone that does.

Here are a few examples to illustrate what I’m talking about. A couple months back, a member had a question about something he read in one of Dan John’s articles. Rather than try to interpret Dan’s work for him, Mike e-mailed Dan and asked him to jump in and answer the question directly. Dan gave an extremely detailed response and has been answering questions ever since. Similarly, another member once had a question about how the football strength and conditioning program at Iowa was structured. Again, Mike e-mailed the coach there and was given the exact layout of the program, which he then passed along to all the members. This all happened in the span of one afternoon. Think about that for a second. That almost sounds too far-fetched to be true. It’s not though; that’s pretty much a regular day on the forum. All that costs just $9.95 a month. In my mind, for someone new to the field trying to get the most bang for your buck, that’s money well spent. Also, because it’s a pay site, the members are all serious and passionate about learning, so you don’t have a lot of the negative banter that you might associate with an internet forum. It’s a positive community with everyone looking to help each other. There are a lot of coaches and trainers looking to expand their knowledge base, but also quite a few everyday exercisers that just want the most cutting edge information on training, dealing with injuries, etc. There’s something for everyone.

If you want to take it a step further, I also recommend that you check Like the website name suggests, it is a series of online seminars put together by all the top coaches, trainers, and physical therapists in the industry (many of whom are also members on I was honestly a little bit skeptical when I first joined because I have taken several online courses before that I felt lacked the same quality of live courses. These webinars, however, are top notch. They are put together with a series of slides, must like you would expect to see if you went to a live seminar. The slides are automatically synched up with the presenter’s words, so you don’t have to do anything expect just sit there and learn. To give you an example, I just watched one from Ben Shear called “New Concepts in Rotary Stability and Training the Rotational Athlete.” It was over an hour and was top-quality. They are all like this, and there are at least 2-3 new webinars coming out each month. Again, the site speaks for itself, so I suggest you check it out HERE.

It may sound hollow for me to be endorsing two sites operated by Mike Boyle considering I work for him. I hope this is not the case. I can assure you that I do not have any vested interest in whether you subscribe or not. I am not even an affiliate for either site. In fact, in full disclosure, the employees at MBSC get free memberships at both sites, but I actually pay for my membership at I signed up a month before I started working there and paid for the entire year up front, so I missed out on that perk on my job. I have never considered asking for my money back because I already feel like I have gotten my money’s worth ten times over


Last Week on

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I know I sound like a broken record but, if you aren’t a member you really don’t know what you are missing. If you are a member I hope you log on every week and read. There has been some great stuff both in article form and on the forum.

We had two excellent articles on olympic lifting last week . First up  was Why Olympic Lifts Aren’t Like Jumping with Weight by Chris Collins

Next was an article from Daniel Martinez entitled  Olympic Weightlifting for the Speed and Power Athlete. These are two excellent pieces for those who use the olympic lifts or are considering adding them to a program.

Next up was another from Anthony Donskov. Talk about a prolific writer. I might have to have Donskov Week each month to handle all the content Anthony is producing. Progressive Overload: Five Pounds at a Time is another great simple reminder about how things really work.

Next up was  a re=post of what has become a StrengthCoach Classic 25 Years, 25 Mistakes. Many people have said this is the best article I have ever written. If you haven’t read it, let me know what you think.

In addition, Anthony has another great podcast up. Episode 73 with Brett Jones, Coach Boyle and Alwyn Cosgrove is excellent. Brett does anoutstanding job discussing the current state of the FMS and Alwyn has a great segment about “tearing up and starting over”.

Video of the week:  Video of the Week: Quadruped row from Geoff Gervitz. Make sure you try this. Pretty interesting variation.

Lastly, log on and read what I think is one of the best forum threads in a long time Front Squats vs Back Squats is a real chance to get some quality education from some great thinkers on the forum.

Log on and read or, log on and just click these links.

Last week on

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I really thought I would get a handle on these updates after the summer ended but it’s Friday again and here I am writing about last week.

First up last week was Teaching Olympic Lifts by Josh Bonhotal. Josh is a the Assistant Strength Coach for the Chicago Bulls and another former MBSC intern. This article details how Josh teaches the olympic lifts. I’ll note that this is not how we teach them at MBSC. We are whole method teachers and actually choose to teach the complexes at the end of a session rather than at the beginning. I think it is really important to highlight contrasting styles on the site.

Next up was The Beginning of My Experience as an Intern at MBSC by Ben Bruno. Ben is a young guy who has just begun his internship and provides a great perspective. These types of articles allow some of our younger site members to get a nice view of the process.

The third article for the week was Work the Great Equalizer in Strength and Conditioning by Anthony Donskov. Anthony is a site member who has really begun to provide some quality content and this piece is another in a series of great contributions. Don’t let the title fool you. Anthony is talking about acceptable range of motion. This is a must-read article.

Video of the Week is a TRX Prone Reach and comes from Dewey Neilson. Make sure to check out Dewey’s shirt in the video.

Also, Anthony has Episode 63 of the StrengthCoach Podcast up. I know I mentioned it before but, take the time to download it and listen to Dave Tenney.

If you haven’t been on the site in a week, make sure to log on, read and listen.