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The Most Important Operation and You Can Do It Yourself

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I’ve got a newsflash that will change the world of fitness and training forever. I discovered an essential new operation that be life-changing. The operation is called an addanasstomy. Luckily you can perform this operation on yourself with out the aid of a doctor. In an addanasstomy we take the average gluteless bench press addicted trainee and we begin an intensive program of squats and lunges to attempt to add increase the size of the glutes maximus. Hence the name. ADD AN ASS TO ME or in this case really to you.

It’s funny, in fitness we always seem to be trying to lose something.  Most of the time it seems to be around the waist. The truth is that most people need to lose a little in front and gain a little in the back. Don’t always think about taking away, think about adding a little, but only in back. The way most people look these days glutes belong on a milk carton. I can see it now. Wanted lost glutes. Last seen just before freshman year of college.  The glutes began to disappear the day you sat down for good and decided never to exercise again. It was only a matter of time.

It’s so wonderfully rare to see a man or a woman who fills out their pants properly. Don’t get me wrong, I see lots of improperly filled pants. You know what I mean.  In these days of thongs and low cut jeans, it is even worse. I think you can visualize the young girl with the adipose overflowing the top of the jeans. Had enough yet? This same young girl is always pulling up her low cut jeans because she has no glutes to hold them up. For men the beer belly or the plumbers crack are almost cliché. Both at least an indirect result of no glutes.

The truth is that glutes are essential to survival. Low back pain expert Stuart McGill , author of Low Back Disorders, describes the loss of glute strength and size as gluteal amnesia ( his term, not mine) and goes on to implicate lack of strength in the glutes for the debilitating back pain that afflicts so many. The cure for gluteal amnesia is an addanasstomy.  The truth is we sit too much, we take too many elevators, we skip too many stairs. The result. Loss of glute function and the relative disappearance of the bodies most vital muscle. Then to top it off we go to the gym and do what? Of course, we work on our upper body. No wonder everyone’s back hurts.

The cure. Squats, lunges, one leg squats, split squats. Hip extension exercises and bridging exercises. The good part is that the disease is cureable and that you can perform the operation on yourself.


A Great Day in Long Beach

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All I can say is boy am I lucky. Talk about living the dream. My day started out at breakfast with Dan John and Laree Draper . I had never met Dan in person and have to say he is just as great as his writing. By the way, if you haven’t read Never Let Go, do yourself a favor and buy a copy. The highest compliment I can give someone is to say they “get it”. Dan really gets it.

After breakfast I watched a little bit of Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell Presentation and picked up some great tips. Steve is a humble guy and great presenter. After that I got to give two talks to about 600 really nice folks at the Perform Better Summit.

In between I had lunch with Dan, Chris Frankel from TRX, Jon from EA Sports and Suzy Powell American Record holder in the discus . That was another real treat.

Next up was a lecture by Stuart McGill, the clear star of the show at the Summit. There were easily over 400 people in Stuart’s lecture and as always he didn’t disappoint. The cool thing about Stuart is that he comes to the Summit, listens more than he talks and heads back to the lab to try to figure out how we do what we do. He might be the only guy in the world doing this. I think in many ways Stuart has done more to change the way I do things than anyone but Gray Cook. Speaking of Gray, I managed to sell all his books before he even got there. I scared everyone in my lecture by telling them that there would be no chance to get Gray’s book once he did his lecture. While you are ordering, get that one too.

Next was the social where I got to talk to a bunch of attendees from all over the world , as well as my buddies like Alwyn, Dewey, Daniel and Dos. All this while drinking free beer. We finished with dinner at ten at the Yard House with my Perform Better friends and my good friend David Baxter.

As I write I am using the in-flight Wi-Fi on my way back to see Cindy and the kids. What a great country we live in.