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Traumatic Injuries vs Overuse Injuries

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This is a post I wrote initially in 2008. I’m reposting the best stuff because there were so few views back in the first days of this blog.

There are two types of injuries, trauma and overuse. Our sports medical model is based in the trauma model. The trauma model works great if you sustained a sports injury from a collision etc.. It doesn’t work so well for gradual onset injuries like tendonitis.

The real problem is if the mechanisms have nothing in common, chances are the treatments are not going to be similar either. Trauma treatment revolves around the RICE concept. ( rest, ice, compression, elevation) or possibly surgery. Unfortunately we frequently apply the trauma model to overuse problems. The overuse model involves much more. If your problem took time to develop, it will probably not be solved with a conventional RICE approach. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of frustrated people out there.

The thought process is simple, if you didn’t get hit by someone else or hit an immoveable object then the “trauma model” probably won’t heal you.

If you developed an overuse injury over time, an “itis”, the old RICE formula will only help you to keep the wolf from the door. What you really need is an exercise program that will help to correct the causes of the problem. We have a great article at called The Essential Eight- Eight Mobility Drills Everyone Should Do, the article contains another link to A Joint by Joint Approach to Training  that will help you understand this thought process better.

If you are injured and not getting better ask yourself first “How did I get injured in the first place”.